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Indigo Holiday Decor: Blue & White Holiday Decor

Indigo Holiday Decor: Blue & White Holiday Decor

Color schemes and bold colors are oftentimes what we, as Black Southern Belles, pride ourselves on when decorating a home. We enjoy taking a staple color and blending it through a space with subtle touches or main elements. As a self-acclaimed interior decorator, Black Southern Belles understand how we want a space to look and key aspects to make it look almost replicated of our designer dreams. An element and specific color that has been used often throughout the home is the deep and rich color of Indigo, especially for holiday decor. 

Blue & White Holiday Decor Wreath

Indigo History 

According to history, Indigo is home to Africa and is known for being planted in South Carolina in an attempt to diversify the rice economy and make use of land that was inapt for rice labor. Producing the rich indigo dye became popular and was achieved by a fermentation process where the indigo plant is harvested, bundled, and soaked and later mixed with calcium hydroxide to help the unique and stunning blue pigment show. 

One community that understands first hand how indigo is valuable for multiple usages is the Gullah community. As we know, the Gullah culture seems to emphasize elements shared by Africans from different areas.They take the initiative to understand, adopt beliefs, and practices that were familiar to Africans regions such as the Rice Coast, Gold Coast, Calabar, Congo, and Angola. One particular practice that was taken directly from the Gullah community is the process of creating indigo to be used as a textile dye. Currently indigo is a staple when it comes to decorating and we owe it all to the Gullah Geechee community. 

Since this color is such a hit in decor styling, I am here to share a few ways that you can style this color of wealth, royalty, and warmth into your holiday home.

Indigo Holiday Decor: Blue & White Holiday Decor


A great place to bring in this beautiful color of indigo in a subtlet, yet interesting way is through a tailored tablescape for the holidays or for your daily table setting. Incorporating indigo into your tablescape will definitely be different, but will provide guests, family, or friends with an inviting and calm feeling.

Blue & White Holiday Decor Tablescape


When decorating, adding in accessories like vases, clocks, and pictures is what turns the decor into something more. Adding small details brings together the entire picture and adding a royal navy color will highlight your main pieces. Check out these white and indigo vases and pillows below.


Feature Wall

Having one wall a different color from a space has been on trend for a while now. More and more Southern Belles are creating these feature walls that exude indigo to sooth the space. Sometimes the space is given more color without buying a physical object to occupy space. A deep indigo background gives a Southern Belle the ability to add a pop of color through images, decor pieces, and artwork. 

Indigo Statement Piece

Having a statement piece that brings a room together is key for any interior design and having an item that demonstrates the rich color is indigo is ideal. Check out this Atlanta based interior designer’s work that features an indigo velvet sofa. This sofa is exactly what we look for as Southern Belles; a piece that can stand alone or be paired with various items.

Indigo decor styling is not hard to accomplish at all. All it takes is an eye for detail and an awareness of what you want your home to look like. Because there is such a tedious process to create this color which is rich and vibrant, simple styling of this color will take your space from dull and boring to eloquent and interesting. Next time you’re in a mood to switch up your decor, check out indigo items that match your personal style. 

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Indigo Holiday Decor: Blue & White Holiday Decor




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Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.