This Florida couple’s casual-sophisticated denim shoot is something we can’t stop obsessing over! The photographer walks us through this couple’s photo experience with a sandy road and beautiful orange trees you can only get in the sunshine state! Check out the love story courtesy of Corner House Photography below.


 “Sweethearts Ebony and Dexter met me this past week for a casual engagement session.”


“The two envisioned a laid back vibe with a little bit of silliness and a whole lot of love.”


My sweet duo actually met 12 years ago through Dexter’s cousin Janice and found that they had instant chemistry.”Haynes_WigginsSr_Corner_House_Photography_CornerHousePhotography22_low

“As Ebony puts it, “we get excited about small things like new movies, new food spots, and TV shows.” Both are also huge Florida State fans as well.”
Haynes_WigginsSr_Corner_House_Photography_CornerHousePhotography24_low“Their blended family consists of six kiddos, which ironically enough two of the boys are the same age! Truly meant to be, they are happy to have found one another.”Haynes_WigginsSr_Corner_House_Photography_CornerHousePhotography26_low

“Dexter loves the way Ebony takes care of his children and how she keeps him on his toes, while Ebony loves the way he makes her feel like the “prettiest girl in the world.”


“She even let me know that she sometimes catches him gazing at her, which gives her the biggest butterflies in her tummy.”


“When Dexter realized that Ebony was his soul mate, he just knew that he had to plan a beautiful proposal for his darling that included their family.”

“On the day of love, Valentine’s Day, Dexter prepared a beautiful breakfast and invited his daughters and granddaughters.”


After everyone arrived, Dexter gave his blessing over the meal and immediately dropped to one knee asking for Ebony’s hand in marriage.”

 “It was truly, as Ebony puts it, the most “perfect toast and family prayer.”Haynes_WigginsSr_Corner_House_Photography_CornerHousePhotography86_low

“Wishing these two an incredible journey together with their beautiful family!”Haynes_WigginsSr_Corner_House_Photography_CornerHousePhotography87_low