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Black Southern Belle Brings Summer Bags to Houston, TX

Black Southern Belle Brings Summer Bags to Houston, TX

Today Black Southern Belle will feature a BSB with an up and coming handbag business. This college student works full time on her dreams to earn an education and be an entrepreneur. Born and raised in Houston, TX, this Black Southern Belle mixed her passion for fashion with her skills and created her dream company. Read more about this BSB entrepreneur and her current journey with a start-up.

Introducing Ms. Jasmyn Mason, CEO and owner of Rei Houston Handbags

Full name: Jasmyn Mason

Title: Owner and CEO 

Company: Rei Houston Handbags 

Hometown: Houston, TX

Alma Mater: Texas Southern University 

What makes you a Black Southern Belle: I am a young black ambitious lady who believes in her business plan. 

What is your favorite TV show: Monk

What is your passion in life: I dreamed of being a provider, growing up was not rough for me but i watched others around me struggle. In high school I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. 

Why did you choose an HBCU: TSU was the college my mom attended when I was born in the 90’s. I thought it would be cool if I went to the college too. 


The greatest obstacle faced to date: I feel sometimes I am not focused enough on my business. I believe I can be working more on my business and i am not focused on it at the same time I am. 

Who inspired you: Me. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to have something forever. I created a business and inspired myself. 

Best quality: Never Quitting, I am always motivating myself. I am encouraging myself to press forward every day to reach my goals.

Worst quality: I show empathy. I show empathy to those who so not show enthusiasm. Showing too much empathy is my weakness. Showing others genuine hospitality is my worst quality. 

How can we contact you:

Check out these Rei Houston Handbags for Summer ’17:

Southern Chained Flap Clutch Shoulder Bag
This classy and timeless Southern Chained Flap Clutch is showed here in mint. It is offered in multiple colors with the gold accent chain.
Satchel/Embroidered Denim Handbag
This two-in-one special is an unbeatable deal. The see through satchel comes in three different shades and is paired with an embroidered denim bag with a matching strap.
Texas Star Studded Shoulder Bag
The Texas Star Studded shoulder Bag would make a beautiful addition to any Texas belle’s closet. The handbag comes in a variety of colors and offers that country feel in fashion.
Lovely Fanny
Lovely Fanny handbag by Rei Houston Handbags. This purse is taupe with a brown strap and a gold buckle.
Lovely Fanny is the perfect small shoulder handbag to carry. Offered in taupe and pink, two of fashions’ biggest trending colors.
Billy Boston Satchel
The Billy Boston Satchel is a Rei Houston bestseller. It is offered in three lovely tones that can blend with almost anything: Black, Nude, and Cognac.

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Jasmyn’s story: 
Right after high school my goal was to be an entrepreneur, I’ve always known I wanted to be an entrepreneur ever since my first visit to the home of Todd M. Johnson. The entrepreneur experience was mine personally, I enjoyed every bit. I watched how he had no worries because he had a great team. His guest was quiet when he spoke, raised millions of funds for his high school, and he had a personality. I went to Mr. Todd’s home with Al La Carte Catering and Dennis a very great personal chef and a few other names who are awesome to work with, I was working as a hostess. I was getting paid to serve millionaires in the heart of River Oaks. That changed the game forever. Forget being a GM for another company, I then wanted to focus on my girl power opportunities.

I went to Everest Institute for a year to complete a medical assistant certificate program also known as a trade. While all my friends were in college I was making, it happens working a real job in the medical center for Houston Methodist. I worked closely with Dr. Rachel Thompson, Dr. Ratan, and Dr. Hailey Hall. I went through another certification process to be registered as a medical assistant. I had gained way more experience working close with the three Obstetrics and gynecology physicians in the real world before I went to college.

I currently am in college at TSU and worked for the university in Human Resources. I was getting paid $800 a month, every month working only 20 hours a week as a student. I have a fabulous way of getting along with others with my woo personality. I introduced the handbags to the Vice President, Finance Director, and the Payroll specialist. I created a giveaway campaign since I was still introducing my business to women at the university. I made $155 in sales the first week I introduced the handbags.

I went to a flea market and rented a booth owned by Cole’s market. They allowed me to rent for $14, charged the community $2 to come in and shop. The Cole’s flea market taught me that I should expand my handbag business. Now I have handbags for girls and women.

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Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.