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Holiday Home Tour: Indigo Christmas Decor

Holiday Home Tour: Indigo Christmas Decor

With spending so much time at home during the holiday season, our library room has become a place where we spend most of our free time. Being surrounded with historical pictures, informative books, and this year’s must reads is an environment in which I find as the most relaxing place to be. Being able to pick up your favorite read or just being able to take in the peace of soothing silence, the library room has an aura about itself that invites you in every time. 

As a room that people often retreat to, the Library room deserves special attention during the holidays as well. Not only should holiday decor be placed throughout the living area and dining room; the library room deserves the same holiday affection. Today, I am going to feature ways a Black Southern Belle can boost their library room or sitting room experience with simple, unique, and Southern Christmas decor.

  1. Dresser Dress Up

Dressers are items that we have throughout the home.. We can expect to see a dresser place inside the room or in the hallway leading up to the room. Therefore, a quick way to add some noel cheer into your home is by adding stockings with souvenir HBCU stocking stuffers to the drawer hooks. Adding these quick items will remind you of your HBCU and even allow you to highlight some of your favorite colleges and universities that match your holiday color scheme.  

  1. Christmas Cover Up

Coffee tables, book shelves, and end tables are items that are always seen in a library room and are a great home item to use to increase holiday cheer. This Christmas color cloth cover up or table runner can be used to drape over any table and is another way to add in the ideal colors of Christmas. Top off with a great centerpiece and ornaments in an intricate dish and your table has just become photo ready. 

  1. Gift Wrapping & Wreath Wrapping

With gifts being wrapped to be placed under the Christmas tree, wreaths are other items that we should add to our list to be wrapped this holiday season. Purchase or make your favorite wreath and wrap it in your staple color fabric. As you can see this year’s color is indigo and splashing this rich navy color throughout every decor item helps connect the entire room from entry to exit. Check out some possible wreath designs below. 

  1. Bring Out The Holiday Glassware

Over the past few years, as Southern Belles, we have received an array of gift items. Many items that we have received may have been unique and seasonal glassware sets. Now is the time to use them. When displayed throughout the home this decor item will keep you prepared for any close family members that may come over this holiday season and is another great way to do some basic holiday decorating. 


Whether it’s wrapping your homemade wreath in bright red fabric or implementing a plaid glassware tray or serving plate into your library room, Christmas decor isn’t hard to accomplish at all. I hope these four easy decor tips help you add some last minute holiday cheer to your home and give you some ideas to get you and your family into the Christmas spirit. 




Terrianna Mccullough

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Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.