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Great Migration, Southern Heritage, and a Harlem- Inspired Gift Guide

Great Migration, Southern Heritage, and a Harlem- Inspired Gift Guide

A plethora of gifts, rich heritage, and deep Southern tradition is what the Holidays are all about. More than ever, this year, has become another holiday season where we as Black Southern Belles and Black Southern Beaus should put our hard earned funds back into our community to purchase unique gifts for those we love. This specific time of the year is where we plan to purchase selective items that we know our gift receivers will love. Therefore, today I am going to provide a gift guide featuring an array of Harlem Black-Owned Businesses and give you a quick history lesson of Harlem Southern Heritage. 

Great Migration

In the Northern part of the U.S, which is home to states like New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, much of our Southern culture and heritage lies there along with their personal up-north culture. Our Southern culture is prominent in the North due to the Great Migration. The Great Migration was overall the relocation of millions of African Americans from rural Southern areas to cities in the North, Midwest, and West. From the early 1900s to the year 1970, many Southern Belles and Southern Beaus were driven from their homes due to poor economic freedom, difficult segregation laws, and unfair treatment. So, they began to find places where African Americans were welcomed and faced fewer racial and political challenges. Therefore, the Northern States became home for many of them. 

Experience Harlem Gift Guide

Harlem is home to many individuals who maneuver during the Great Migration and also home to Northerners who know all about the shopping and gift giving experience with Southern heritage. Below are a few items and Black-Owned Businesses based in Harlem that have items for you to give this Christmas. 

Harlem Candle Company

Candles are always great gifts to give. Finding the scent that brings light to your home and an aroma that makes one never want to leave are scents many of us enjoy. So fill your home and friends homes with scents from Harlem Candle Company and create a space of comfort and luxury.  

Soular Powered

An Esty shop that features African American holiday cards is the ideal gift for Black Southern Belles this holiday season. Share season greetings and spread love and peace to your loved ones with original and personalized holiday cards from Soular Powered.

Grandma’s Place


Located on 120th Street in Harlem, Grandma’s Place is the place where many kids will enjoy just like they would at Grandma’s house. Filled with a variety of books, dolls, stuffed animals, action figures, wooden puzzles, puppets, and more, Grandma’s Place is the perfect location to complete your kids gift buying. Make a list and check it twice! Order online today, , to have your kids’ gifts sent to your home before Christmas day. 

Imani Lia Designs

Looking for printable fashion, glamorous accessories, and stylish bags, then look no further, Imani Lia Designs has just that. With limited edition clothing items and necessity accessories, such as face masks, this Black-Owned Business has what you need for your close friends. Shop online at for items to give away this holiday season. 

Harlem Chocolate Factory

Stocking fillers can be almost anything. From candy to pens and jewelry, stockings are being filled with Southern Belles and Southern Beaus favorites. Next time you are adding to their holiday stocking make sure pieces of sweet chocolate are in there from the Harlem Chocolate Factory. Pick out their favorite artisan chocolate and let them enjoy.

Harlem Haberdashery

As a Southern Belle we can never have too many clothes and receiving them as a gift is just that much better. So if you have a Southern Belle on your list to shop for, check out Harlem Haberdashery to purchase two-tone scarves, dresses, and unique accessories. Even if you’re buying for a Southern Beau, Harlem Haberdashery has items for him as well. Shop at

If interested in finding out about more Southern gifts to buy from Black-Owned Businesses in Harlem, New York City; either online or in store, then look into the Experience Harlem’s digital holiday gift guide featuring Black-Owned Harlem businesses and creators. Ensure we keep Black-Owned Businesses and Southern Heritage thriving by buying Black and Southern items this holiday season. 




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Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.